About Us

Owner & Talent Jaron Pascoe

“Our clients have a need to communicate ideas or events that increase awareness of their organizations, businesses, groups, or firms. We engage your audience in outlets like YouTube, Facebook, and personal online sites where there is a need for quality music, video, and audio messages. Premier Vocals looks to direct attention to our client’s message or idea.”


With Premier Vocals, we aim to help engage your audience. Your message is important, and it’s fun to create something for you that is effective and engaging. In short, we record your scripts (or write new ones for you,) and deliver crisp, high quality audio files for use in any media application. Files are purchased on a client-by-client basis, so no projects is too big or too small, and we feature flexible, affordable pricing. If you’d like your idea to be heard, contact us below to see what we can do for you!

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