Vocal Services

Premier Vocals can offer you:

  • Custom Audio recordings for voiceover
  • Custom Video files recorded for any application
  • Files for Television, Radio, Documentaries, YouTube, and just about anywhere you need your business or idea heard.
  • Advertising projects with Google Adsense and YouTube advertisements (and increase your reach online!)
  • Theme songs & music in a variety of genres and styles. Custom made for each client, and free of copyright.
  • Consultation on your recording or advertisement project

Premier Vocals offers plenty of deliverables to finish your project, including:

  • High quality .wav files
  • Raw audio files in a variety of formats for your project (.mp3, .wav, .ogg, …)
  • Video files with audio (.mp4, .mov, .wmv, .avi)
  • Audio & Video archives including all raw files and stems for your project

Premier Vocals can craft:

  • Informative commercials & advertisements for television, radio, and other sources
  • Voiceover recordings for any application
  • HD YouTube Advertisements
  • Satire & Comedic overdub & concept ideas
  • Voice Tags (for use with audio branding or music)
  • Personalized custom music for all applications (documentaries, YouTube, film, music projects)

Here’s an Example from a Previous Project:


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